DeFreyne has been a prolific underground name for a couple of years now, gaining respect and reputation for his gritty but emotive performances across the UK. Known for his passionate and dexterous piano abilities, the sound of

DeFreyne owes greatly to his musicality and more urban influences.

Having discovered his parents’ record player as a child, soul music became this kid’s muse. Enamoured with the craft of lyric writing and music, a deep passion for art and poetry seeded an avidity that would shape the texture of this young artist’s career. It wasn’t long before the youngster donned the iconic Fedora, equipped himself with a feather-quill and ink-pot, and started to write poetry of his own. Later came an obsession with musicality and beat production that is at the heart of DeFreyne’s unique sound.

Rooted in soul, blues and hip-hop, this artist blends seamlessly into the mainstream, despite a more bohemian disposition. This unique style ushers in an irrefutable new sound in popular music that will no doubt evolve into something irresistibly compelling.